Aims & objectives
To promote the science and art of dentistry.
To maintain the honor, interests, dignity and unity of the Dental Profession.
To safeguard and defend the interest and integrity of the members of the Dental Profession through ethical, moral or legal means at the disposal of the Association.
To enlighten educate the public on Dentistry, Oral Health and Prevention.
To encourage and direct study and research in the field of Dental Sciences, Dental Epidemiology and related subjects.
To influence the policies of the Government on Oral Health of the public, the Dental Profession and Dental Education by extending professional and expert help, advice and cooperation of the Association and its members.
To guide and help members of the profession especially fresh graduates in the establishment of their career.
To hold periodic conferences and meetings of the Association for continuing dental education, and discussion of scientific subjects, professional matters and for social purpose.
To correspond, associate, cooperate and collaborate with other dental and professional bodies throughout the world to further the cause of the profession, this association and its members.
To establish and run programs to further the above objectives in communities, schools, madrassahs, cities and all such areas where people can be educated for prevention of oral health diseases.